The greatest offering was when God GAVE His only begotten Son for our sins. (John 3:16) Though we can never repay or parallel this gift, we can give with the same sincerity and enthusiasm. We are a tithing church. We believe that the tithe is not man’s scheme, but is God’s plan. One-tenth (that is one dime of every dollar), according to Malachi chapter 3, belongs to God. We don’t give our tithe we surrender our tithe. Every Shareholder that has gainful income must become a faithful tithing Shareholder. Emphasis is placed on faithful because your tithe is due whether you’re present or not. If you go away from home, does your mortgage company excuse you for the time you were away?

Offering is also a part of giving. Give as you desire God to give to you. Let us not be guilty of giving or spending more on concert tickets and other recreational items, than we give to God. Your ministry is fertile ground and that which you plant will yield a harvest.