Studying the Word

The Bible is a 66-book love letter from God that serves as direction, inspiration, and correction. It has an answer for every problem, trial, issue or concern we could ever face. It also illustrates every promise, miracle, sign and wonder to inspire us to hope, believe, and trust that He is always with us. God’s grace, glory, and love is manifested in every chapter and scripture of the Bible.

The most well- known version of the Bible is King James. However, it is good practice to read different versions to receive a different translation of the same scripture. Adding a concordance and/or study guide will also help interpret the scripture so that it is relevant and suitable to your life.

Because of the vast information shared through the Bible, it is best to create a study guide to assist with reading and studying effectively. Seeking the Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding while reading the Word, allows for revelation and a deeper insight. Setting aside consistent and dedicated time to read, reflect, and mediate on the Word strengthens your relationship with God, and allows you to gain perspective on His plan for your life.

God’s desire is for us to study the Word. (2 Timothy 2:15) Studying and meditating on the scriptures is the only way for the Word to be hidden in our heart. (James 1:21) Knowing the Word gives us the knowledge and strength needed to answer any attack of the enemy.

The fundamentals of the Bible:

  • 66 books: 39 Old Testament, 27 New Testament
  • Old Testament serves as a covenant made by God about salvation before Jesus Christ came.
    • Books of Law (Genesis thru Deuteronomy)
    • Books of History (Joshua thru Nehemiah)
    • Books of Poetry (Job thru Song of Solomon)
    • Books of Major Prophets (Isaiah thru Daniel)
    • Books of Minor Prophets (Hosea thru Malachi)
  • New Testament serves as the agreement God made about salvation after Jesus Christ came.
    • The Gospels (Matthew thru John)
    • History (Acts)
    • Letters of Paul (Romans thru Philemon)
    • General Letters (Hebrews thru Jude)
    • Prophecy (Revelation)